What is your current occupation?

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Re: What is your current occupation?

Postby Maldoror » Thu Jun 15, 2017 1:16 pm

Havran wrote:
lazu wrote:
Havran wrote:
I cannot say how but you somehow reminded me of some particular building site I was at few years ago with belladonna growing all around.

This post prompted me to do a bit of googling. I was actually unaware that this plant was used "re-creationally" :lol:

Heh, it seems to be drug of a choice when one likes to have holiday in hell.

Some guy used to peddle Mandrake seeds via Amazon, so you might want to go there and look it up.

I am just about to finish mastering what I personally find to be my most accomplished work yet. My next performance will be at a relatively big event in early August and I cannot wait to put it to the test. Blue atmosphere, high energy.
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